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Yoga Teacher Training Reviews - Anadi Yoga Centre, Rishikesh

Anadi Yoga Centre Student Pamela Batchelor

Pamela Batchelor

After teaching yoga in the US for 5 years, I journeyed to Anadi Yoga School for my 200 hr based on the recommendation of my friend who returned with me for her 500 hr. The owners/teachers honored my commitment to travel half way around the world for this experience. I wanted to experience yoga where it began and from the moment I arrived, this journey far exceeded my expectations. My teachers, Arvind, Jit and Abhi, were such an amazing presence in the yoga hall.

Their teachings were from their hearts and souls and I learned more than I could have ever imagined. My time at Anadi was truly the most spiritual experience of my 56 years and I left a piece of my heart behind. I plan to return to retrieve it one day soon and I hope to spend my time with this group that made me like family. I love you guys.

I had the pleasure of attending the 300 hour teacher training at Anadi Yoga Centre and cannot say enough kinds words. I had already known Jeet and Narendra from my 200 hours certification that I did in 2015 but came back specifically because I loved them so much! They’re both incredible teachers that have their areas of mastery and so much passion in what they do. Jeet knows how to kick your butt in an asana class in the best most loving way possible, and Narendra has so much knowledge about what it seems like everything and is very compassionate when you need help with things like injuries. I was able to meet even more phenomenal teachers and beautiful people.

Arvind is an amazing teacher, he taught our ashtanga vinyasa class, I had never really done ashtanga before, but he did a great job pushing me and helping me in the exact ways I needed, it has now become one of my favorite ways to practice yoga. Nalin totally blew my mind with his knowledge of yogic philosophy, psychology, meditation, the vedas, and so much more! If you have the opportunity, without a doubt visit Anadi! :~)

Anadi Yoga Centre Student Rain Juliette

Rain Juliette

Anadi Yoga Centre Student Katherine Laura

Katherine Laura

I’m very grateful for my 200 hour YTT experience at Anadi and for the dedication and commitment shown by each of my teachers: Arvind, Jit, Abhi, Anant, Nalin, Rupi; each of them has their own unique way of transmitting their drive and passion for the yogic path.

This has positively influenced my own practice, to make it a habit and to persist when the going gets rough. I’ve gained so much new insight into yog in the last four weeks, and I realize that I’ve barely scratched the surface. To be an experienced yoga teacher l need to continue to deepen my own practice.

School run by 3 dedicated, hard-working, compassionate brothers. I've been practicing for years and can honestly say that Arvind is the best instructor I've ever had. He has a beautiful way of explaining things thoroughly, thinking of the answers to the questions you're going to ask before they've even become an idea in your head. You will never regret studying under him and will only be sad that you can't stay longer.

Anadi Yoga Centre Student Gabriella Pineda

Gabriella Pineda

Anadi Yoga Centre Student Ana Mattioni

Ana Mattioni

Well is hard to believe is already gone! I chose Anadi because a recommendation, I couldn't be more happy about it. I really loved the school. The teachers are all amazing and with a lot of knowledge and love inside. The rooms are really comftortable and the fact that are private is definitely a plus.

I have no words to describe the food, absolutely amazing, and all the team and people working also kind and lovely. They have small amount of people in every batch and thats ideal because the training is very very personalized, maybe hard to find in Rishikesk. We end it up being a family.

I attended the 200 hour teacher training course in March 2017. I was very happy with the variety of subjects we covered and also the depth of what I learned in the course. I felt fully supported by the teachers and staff at Anadi, they are accessible, always open to have discussions and they encourage questions and self inquiry. You can really feel that they love teaching and they care about both the students and their subjects, they will help you push yourself farther than you think you can go. They have so much knowledge to share and they have a sense of humour too, making for an amazing experience and fostering great connection between everyone present. My expectations were blown away by Anadi, I am so happy with the course and grateful for the experience. The teachers gave me confidence to use the knowledge I acquired there and the curiosity and information necessary to pursue further learning independently too. I will certainly return to them for further trainings in the future.

Anadi Yoga Centre Student Jessica Murphy

Jessica Murphy